Wind and Solar in Suffolk

The rollout of windturbines across the UK since the Climate Change Act 2008, has been relentlessly driven at a political level. The level of subsidies for windturbines is such that it is very attractive for businesses and landowners to push proposals for them, even though they may not be in the best practical locations. Many people living near to such proposals are naturally concerned that their hitherto unspoiled local environment may now be blighted by unsightly windturbines, visual disturbance and flicker, noise, and the presence of new pylons to connect to the grid. Not to mention the possibility of the loss of property value, which can be as high as 20%.

In 2008 a Valuation Tribunal ruled that a wind farm 930m from a home near Spalding had reduced the value of the house and that it should be changed from band B to A.  The tribunal commented that “Case law and experience elsewhere had shown that dwellings which were located in close proximity to wind farms had seen their property prices drop by around 20%”


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