Cop19 – What Happened?

The ‘Conference of Parties’ to the U.N. Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC) 19th annual event, 2013, closed in Warsaw to controversy. There was a walkout of many of the world’s poor countries over refusal of compensation for supposed climate related harm arising from the West’s emissions of CO2. This was estimated at $350 billion a year by the 2070’s if action was not taken to halt emissions. Also, it would require some $100billion a year from the West to be given to the poorer nations for pre-emptive mitigation action. No doubt the disappointed environmental pressure groups were also expecting to obtain a large slice of that annual $100billion, too. However, this was altogether too much for even the EU, otherwise wholly committed to supporting climate change measures.

Connie Hedegaard, EU climate commissioner said:
The EU understands that the issue is incredibly important for developing countries. But they should be careful about … creating a new institution. This is not what this process needs,” She ruled out their most important demand, insisting: “We cannot have a system where we have automatic compensation when severe events happen around the world. That is not feasible.”


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